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17th September 2017: Great morning and a lovely breakfast. Today I made the Buttermilk waffle with strawberry and whipped cream with a dash of maple syrup.

15th September 2017: A dull weekend started with a really nice Korean BBQ ribs.

4th Week of Aug 2017: Made these Shrimp Tempura for family friends visiting us , wonderful time with good food, good people and good drinks.

4th Week of Aug 2017: Vacation season in France and we have Guest Yayyyy. Lazy week and I made this pretty looking Caprese salad at breakfast


This is a good weekend. Nice weather, met some nice people ,a good workout and an excellent dish – Pork with wild mushroom.

Hilsa with mustard. A great Bengali dish.

Beef Fajitas


Quick Friday Salmon dinner with a fine Cabernet wine – Open to questions 🙂


2nd week Feb 2017 : Beef Fajitas – This one is a quickie just in time.


First week of Feb 2017 : The lovely French Escargot at the Triadou Haussmann Restaurant , Paris St Lazare

A old unforgettable one back from 2011 – Palolem beach, Goa  #seafood #next to the beach dining

Jan 2017: Its cold and need a quick one after a hectic work week. The beef fajitas I made for my hubby and kiddo is just quick and perfect.

A quick beef weekend on the run.


  1. My personal opinion would be that eronba/eromba is a distinct dish by itself, which is loved by both Hao and Meetei/meitei people from Manipur. To find a comfort dish equivalent to it would be a vague attempt, however variations can differ due to the dietery habits among the Nagas and Meteis, for eg. Nagas traditionally add smoked meat like beef and Manipuris add fish in the eronba, but then.. again.. These days they are liked by both parties. Speaking from experience of having a Manipuri mother.. 😀

    1. Thank you kejiya. That sounds good as I still have some smoked pork from Nagaland. I will make an eromba out of the bamboo shoot and smoked pork together. Cant wait to try it.

    2. Haven’t tried that combo with eronba but it’s worth a try. Happy cooking! 🙂

    3. Kejiya Thangal Dear , definitely , i will let you know . Thanks for the idea .

    4. On a second thought.. its better you put the precious smoked pork to good use by cooking it with hawaijaar and soibum for a no fail, tried a tested combination. If you want to be adventurous, by all means, try making eronba.

    5. Kejiya Thangal Ahhh that’s another fabulous idea. Mixing hawaijar and Soibum is not a common practice in Manipuri cooking BUT I am definitely going to try this. Thank you very much.

    1. Now then I am adding this in the list when we meet. ?

    1. Shabmbu, I have a couple of fajitas recipe. Pretty much the same. Do check out at

      Let me know how it goes

  2. Finally… After a long wait..

    1. Yam haowee, mathang da chameenasee

  3. Great idea if you have fish sauce or mirin sauce just add a dash and check the marianation it will be super all the best share a photo when completed

    1. Cool ! Definitely will try on the next batch. Thank you

  4. What marianation do you plan to do on white shrimp as the cook too fast and get hard?

    1. Joseph Panakal This one is a quick one . I am going to marinate them with Soya sauce, finely chopped ginger garlic and dash of lime. It’s a quick 15-30 mins marination.

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