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Hi !! My name is Zerina and I am originally from Imphal, a small city located in the northeastern part of India. I live in Paris with my hubby and my gorgeous daughter. We love to travel and explore different cuisines. Kitchen has always been my place and  I spend a good amount of time there and YES, I just love it. I love to cook and I have been cooking different cuisines but these have always been for friends and family. I love to blog from time to time as a hobby and with great interest and I love to share my recipes with you wonderful people out there. I am not a Chef, never got trained or attended any cooking classes. I started experimenting my own mix and match with tips and ideas from different sources. I appreciate your time visiting my blog and I will be happy to see your feedback on the comments section.

I love all kinds of food and experiment them with my own twist and turns. Exotic seafood starters are my favorites. I am sure, I will be doing a lot of them here.

This small project of mine is purely out of my personal interest. I really hope this adds value to peoples lives.

Cheers !!




  1. Look yummy…

  2. I love the fusion applied in your dishes

    1. Thank you Krishnab for visiting my blog. I appreciate your feedback. Keep visiting.


  3. Loved your yogurt kabaab recipe…will try it

    1. Tulika
      Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. I am happy you love the yogurt recipe. Pls let me know how it goes

      Thanks -Zeri

  4. people who love cooking are happy, its a good habit and i really like your post its nice and easy to follow

    1. Mami

      Thank you for checking my blog. I agree with you, Live happy and simple 🙂


  5. hi, I would like to know how to cook OK chicken…if possible lets me kwn how cook and main ingredients for OK chicken…

    1. Melody , I do love the OK chicken very much. I have tried multiple times to get that, The best way to get close to OK is to follow my Manipuri chicken recipe from my blog with few tweaks, You will need to continue to cook without adding any water meant for gravy . And before you serve , you can sprinkle BMC kitchen king which drastically changes the taste. That is just my experience and you may find out something better when you try. Please do let me know if you ever try.

  6. Hi i am pawan working as a chef in a restaurant and i realy like your dishes and ideas i am also trying to do some fuision cuisine. I want to do some more fuisine in north indian food if you will help me for some more ideas i realy thankful for you.

    1. Pawan
      Good to hear that you like my dishes and ideas. Definitely , Please do drop a line whenever you need help. I am not an expert but I always love to help . I can try 🙂

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